Adjustable Radiation Shield

The upper radiation shield of the Magneto-Optic option allows resizing the sample chamber size with various optical access options.  The shield consists of a central piece that fits on the lower radiation shield, two sliding side walls in the direction of the magnet axes, and a lid to the assembly. These parts are shown below. Note that the shield has replaceable windows on the sides, walls, and lid.

Figure 1: Components of the radiation shield

Figure 2: Series of images showing how the radiation shield is assembled between the magnet poles

Figure 3: View of the assembled shield


It is possible to expand the sample space to allow for various experimental configurations. To do this, first replace the two tapered magnet pole tips with shorter tips. Doing this will slightly reduce the field strength. Next, simply move the plates farther apart to allow for more internal space. With the proper magnet pole tip selection, the plates can be separated by 7mm to 20mm. The components are labeled in the figure below.

Figure 4: Magnet pole tips and radiation shield sliding plates