Add up to 1.0 Tesla magnetic field

The Magneto-Optic module integrates a bipolar magnet directly into the cryogenic sample chamber with fields up to 0.7 Tesla. As an add-on module for the Cryostation, the unit provides the same stability, automation, and control found in all Montana Instruments closed-cycle cryostats.

Demanding magneto-optic applications are simple to setup, with a design that preserves full sample and optical access. The unit inserts magnet poles into two of the four standard optical ports, with bores through the magnet cores to allow laser illumination of the sample. The top optical access port can be configured with a recessed objective for low working distance applications.

The field strength depends on the configuration used, with various pole spacing and pole tip options available. An adjustable radiation shield accommodates unique experimental setups, allowing users to expand or resize the sample space or make adjustments to allow for more optical access options. The system includes an automatic zero function to remove any field stored in the iron poles by using an alternating decreasing field to degauss the poles and effectively eliminate the field with no current present. 

The system includes a Hall Probe calibration fixture, power supply, and water cooling for the magnet. Compatible accessories and add-ons allow users to configure the instrument for unique experimental requirements, including optional built-in piezo stages for sample motion.



Key FeaturesKey Benefits
CryostatUltra-stable closed-cycle optical cryostat
  • Cryogen-free systems do not consume liquid helium
  • Hassle-free operation with minimal operating costs
Sample SpaceTabletop mounting architecture
  • Flexible and modular design mounts directly to any optical table
  • Mount at 45 degrees or parallel to hole pattern on Inch or Metric table
  • Easily move the system without being tied to the table or an external support structure
Thermal StabilityRock solid temperature stability
  • Proprietary thermal damping technologies ensure stability
  • Remain in focus at each temperature setpoint
Mechanical StabilityVibrations are no longer a concern
  • Patented architecture rigidly supports the sample while isolating it from cryocooler vibrations
  • Work on sensitive applications and achieve high-resolution measurements
Sample DriftCTE-cancelling sample platform
  • Optimized at center of platform
  • Observe low drift over the full temperature range
User InterfaceControl via Windows based software on mini-laptop computer
  • Displays real time temperature stability
  • Logs cool downs
  • Built in diagnostics
  • Simply press a button for fully automated cool down, warmup, temperature control, and more
Remote InterfaceTCP/IP and LabVIEW
  • Automation scripting
  • External control
  • Conveniently control from your office or cellphone
  • Solve issues quickly with remote customer service
Control UnitPowerful built-in electronics
  • Complete process automation and system monitoring
  • Self-activated dry nitrogen clean gas purge when warming up
  • Save time and complexity while protecting the system and sample
CompressorVariable Flow Helium compressor
  • Single-phase 50/60 Hz, 200-240VAC, air cooled compressor, 1-3 kW
  • No need for water cooling infrastructure
  • Quiet and easy to work next to all day (60-65dB)
Sample MountingSample in vacuum
  • Microscopy/Spectroscopy sample mount included
  • Easily integrate with your unique experimental needs with options to customize
Optical SubstratesFused silica AR coated 400-1000nm
  • User replaceable with other substrates
  • Easily swap out windows to fit the needs of each unique experiment
CE Compliant
Note: Product specifications are based on a standard system; various options, configurations, and/or custom modifications may cause slight differences. Specifications and other information subject to change without notice.

System Highlights

  • 1.


    Optical access through the poles, high NA access from the sides, and low working distance from the top

  • 2.


    Exchangeable pole tips and bipolar field control (<5 mT) integrated into the user interface

  • 3.


    Easily remove magnets and window housing for easy sample access during setup