A Year in Review - 2015

Posted 28 December, 2015

The last few months here at Montana Instruments have been buzzing with energy and an intense focus on a number of new products and projects. As we reflect on this past year, we are grateful for the opportunities we've had to serve the low temperature research community. Here are just a few of the highlights from this past year. 

In January, our domestic service team representative travelled all the way to China to install some of the first Cryo-Optic systems in the region. Below is the Tsinghua users, the QD China sales and service, and the MI service team in the lab.
China Install Jan 2015

At APS this past March, we released the next generation of our flagship product. The Cryostation C2 and Nanoscale Workstation NW2 platforms offer optimized performance, reliability, and end-user functionality. Aside from a sleek new exterior design making sample access even easier, a redesigned nested structure and updated firmware and electronics enhance aspects of the vibrational and thermal performance. 
Cryostation C2

We also released a completely redesigned high temperature stage offering unmatched positional stability from <4K to 350K. The Agile Temperature Sample Mount maximizes the performance of high NA and low working distance setups, and it operates independently from our system so it can be used with other cryostats. We are leveraging this and other exclusive technology in an exciting new optical measurement product for 2016, so stay tuned for details.
Agile Temperature Sample Mount

In April, Montana Instruments loaded up a system in a van and drove out to install it at the University of Washington, a mere 12 hours drive from Bozeman (and a very pretty drive). We brought the system out to work on a proof-of-concept, and everything went smoothly.
UW Install April 2015

We spent the summer traveling to a number of small boutique shows, capitalizing on the opportunity to learn more about the applications and requirements most important to our users. After a productive meeting at NanoMRI Waterloo, our product development team started moving ahead on a new platform catering to scanning probe microscopy (SPM) applications requiring high resolution measurements. Keep an eye out for more details on this product coming early 2016. 

In August, we rolled out an updated website with an all new knowledge base. These online resources were revamped to make it even easier to find information, track news and company updates, and get support. The Cryogenic Resources Knowledge Base was created to share our experiences and expertise with the low temperature research community. Find system maintenance tips, how-to articles, buyers' guides, performance data and more on this ever growing resource. 
Cryogenic Resource Knowledge Base

This past October, our customers at TU Delft published a major breakthrough in the realm of quantum mechanics, conducting an experiment to validate the much debated theory of entanglement. This and other similar experiments have paved the way for a deeper understanding of the way our universe works, leading to practical real-world applications such as the quantum internet. Read more about the experiment on our blog or Spotlight on Researchers

In November, our US service representative was back overseas, this time installing our very first system in India at the IIT Mandi. The group will perform semiconductor characterization measurements in the system. We hope to see many more systems in the coming years in India, meaning we hope to come back!
India Install Nov 2015

The team has been focused on building and shipping systems, designing custom solutions for new customers, and developing a lineup of new products for 2016. We even had one of our customers brave the Montana winter and join us at our headquarters to setup his experiment on the system, allowing us to make real-time custom modifications to fit his unique integration needs. We always love these opportunities to interface directly with customers and learn more about their research. 
Custom Sample Mount

As we look forward to 2016, we are excited to meet new customers, learn new applications, and tackle new challenges as we share our upcoming projects with the research community. It has been a pleasure working with you this year, and we wish you all continued success in the coming year. Thank you for your ongoing support! 

Best Wishes & Happy New Year,
The Montana Instruments Team