Configuration for Flexible Quantum Optical Interactions at Variable Temperatures

Posted 27 January, 2016

We’re off to a great start to the New Year here at Montana Instruments, with the team rallying behind a number of exciting product development and custom engineering projects. Look for the official announcement of these new products at the APS March Meeting in Baltimore!

The engineers recently put together an interesting custom system to test quantum optical interactions with an optical crystal acting like a sensitive thermometer. The system required a sample temperature of about 3K and the ability to position fibers accurately over the substrate to interact with sections of the material. The customer wanted a few fibers into the chamber, mostly for experiment flexibility, and also needed electrical connections to the sample. Finally, they wanted to run the tests at a variety of temperatures easily and control those tests using LabView.

This system highlights a number of valuable Cryostation options.

  • Since the customer wanted to study the samples over a significant temperature range, the Agile Temperature Sample Mount (ATSM) was ideal. It allows the user to set and vary the temperature of the sample without waiting for the entire chamber to equalize in temperature. The ATSM achieves this by varying only the temperature of the sample and the small disk it is mounted on.
  • The four fiber feedthroughs are provided using two side panels through the base of the unit in lossless compression fittings, and a CF3.37 flange with two FC/APC connectors for easy exchange.
  • The sample is mounted on the ATSM, and the ATSM is mounted on a bridge which is directly cooled by the platform. This provides a stable temperature for the unit and yet is easily adjusted. An alternate configuration allows the sample to be directly mounted to the bridge for the lowest temperatures.
  • The bridge spans between two piezo stacks, which control the positions of fibers. The two fiber holders reach up and over the sample so the fibers approach the sample from either the side or overhead.
  • The user can easily watch the alignment process through the standard overhead and side windows.
  • The user wrote a LabVIEW script to control the experiment. The Cryostation software allows for external control via LabVIEW.

The figures below show some of the key parts of the assembly. If you have a unique or challenging application, call the engineers at Montana Instruments!

FC/APC Fiber Optic Connector

Figure 1: Detail of FC/APC connector and dual fiber optic side panel

Agile Temperature Sample Mount on Bridge

Figure 2: Side view of bridge with ATSM mounted (left); top view of ATSM in radiation shield (right)

Custom Fiber Holder

Figure 3: Side view of fiber holder with standard sample mount (left) and ATSM (right)