Using the Agile Temperature Sample Mount for Efficient Variable Temperature Measurements

Posted 19 February, 2016

Last month’s blog featured a system which leveraged the Agile Temperature Sample Mount (ATSM) to quickly perform tests at a large range of temperatures with rapid thermal stabilization. The ATSM has seen many uses with our Cryo-Optic Microscope product, and it has now been integrated with the Nanoscale Workstation for vertical samples.

The idea behind the mount is to provide a sample mounting surface that has low thermal mass and a tightly controlled temperature response for temperatures from 4K to 350K. The low thermal mass allows quick changes in sample temperature and more importantly, negligible drift, because the only component that is changing temperatures is the thin mounting disk. Conventional designs require the whole mount assembly with piezo positioners and brackets to stabilize in temperature completely. Because of the mass involved and low conductivity of the piezo elements, this temperature stabilization can take hours and result in significant CTE caused drift in all directions.

Watch a quick video showing a 50K temperature change of the ATSM platform all while imaging a superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID).

The pictures below show the ATSM mounted on a vertical flange. This will hold the sample under investigation by a solid immersion lens. The user can then collect measurements over a range of temperatures while remaining tightly focused on a quantum dot. The vertical orientation of the sample allows the beam paths to be horizontal. The vertical flange and ATSM are mounted on a closed loop XYZ piezo stack (recessed), which allows repeatable location of areas of interest.

 Agile Temperature Sample Mount

This is a good example of how the ATSM can simply provide an optically and thermally stable platform in our closed cycle optical cryostat. Contact the engineers at Montana Instruments to learn how the ATSM can be integrated with your experimental setup.