Student Travel Grant - Guohua Wei

Posted 10 May, 2016

We are excited to sponsor Guohua Wei, a Graduate Research Assistance at Northwestern University, as he presents his research at CLEO 2016 in San Jose, CA. Guohua is a recipient of our Cold Science Exploration Awards Student Travel Grant.

Guohua's research focuses on the optical properties of two dimensional (2D) semiconductor materials. 2D semiconductors, such as a single layer MoS2, are a species of materials recently discovered to have direct band gaps at the monolayer limit. The crystal symmetry and spinorbit coupling lead to interesting coupled spinvalley physics in these atomic thin materials, which is optically addressable and potentially applicable to quantum information based on spin and valley pseudospin. As for traditional semiconductors, quantum confinement enables control of single quantum states. His primary research is to apply quantum confinement on 2D materials through nanolithography and study the confinement effect on the valley polarization (valley pseudospin). 
Guohua Wei
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