By serving researchers working on cutting-edge techniques, we understand standard options may be limiting for certain applications. In these cases, custom designed parts and modifications are required to create something nobody else has done before. A team of dedicated application specialists and custom design engineers are available to work with you to create a one-of-a-kind solution for your needs. 

You will be paired with a design engineer who will work with you to understand your requirements and modify existing options or create personalized solutions to best meet your needs. Our team of cryogenic engineers specialize in creating mechanical designs to optimize the thermal performance of your setup, with the ability to:

  • Incorporate custom equipment (internal and external) into the sample chamber design
  • Design special sample mounts for unique setups or experimental requirements
  • Optimize the setup for specific applications or performance requirements
Internal 4K fixed lens holder for ThorLabs cage Custom side low working distance mount with 5W cartridge heater Brass electrode plates with high-voltage MHV side panels Custom SQUID System

Customization Policy

If your system includes custom designed components, any requirements related to these customizations must be clearly communicated during the system design sessions before the Customer Review Document is signed and the Purchase Order is placed. Unique requirements, non-standard alterations, or other customizations may incur additional design charges in addition to the cost of the parts. Any bids for custom components and additional design time are based solely on the information provided to us; if these requirements change, the work may need to be re-bid to incorporate scope changes and additions. Changes after the approval of the Customer Review Document may affect delivery lead time and/or quoted costs. 

Custom components and designs may affect typical system performance. Please communicate any specification or performance requirements with the design engineer. Engineers will be able to estimate performance based on anticipated configurations. They will work with you to choose a design to best meet your performance goals.