Lab Startup Grant - Dr. Darius Torchinsky

Posted 26 April, 2017

We are excited to sponsor Dr. Darius Torchinsky in his new Nonlinear and Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Correlated Matter lab at Temple University. Dr. Torchinsky is a recipient of our Cold Science Exploration Awards Lab Startup Grant.

Dr. Torchinsky’s research focus is in the physics of strongly-correlated electron systems, a broad-brush term to describe materials from iron-and copper based superconductors, to so-called "heavy" fermion systems to 4d and 5d transition metal oxides. These materials are characterized by electron-electron interactions so strong as to invalidate a picture wherein constituent quasiparticles can be considered non-interacting entities within a mean field of their cohorts. They are the primary hosts of emergent phenomena - the collective behavior of the many constituent charges and spins conspire to create a macroscopic quantum ground state. The group's goal is to understand, at a microscopic level, how emergent behavior arises using the cutting-edge tools of modern nonlinear and ultrafast optical spectroscopy.
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