Four Frequently Made Mistakes to Avoid

These simple mistakes can drastically affect the performance of the Cryostation, but they are easy to avoid. Make sure you are following these few basic rules when setting up and using your system. 

#1 - Unplugging Wiring: 

As a general rule, always exit the software before unplugging any wiring, such as thermometers or heaters.

#2 - Tightening Screws: 

The black delrin screws holding down the PCB are meant to be LOOSE. If they are too tight, you will have issues creating a good vacuum seal as this will warp the PCB. Their only purpose is to hold the PCB on when the vacuum housing is lifted to avoid damaging the wires plugged in under the PCB.

#3 - Routing Wires: 

All wires should go under the thermal clamps. Do not route wires between the 1st stage ring and the radiation shield, as this will cause them to break. In addition, the wires under the thermal clamp should not overlap.

#4 -Applying Grease: 

Too much grease can cause a number of issues. It can outgas (creating a poor vacuum), create a mess in the system, and may not get you any better thermal conduction. A very thin layer (just so you can see a shine on the surface) is best. This is true for metal-to-metal surfaces, samples, and o-rings.