Montana Instruments - Cold Science Made Simple

The Cryostation is a Helium-free 3K – 350K optical measurement instrument. With specific attention to making the researcher more effective, the Cryostation is the most advanced cryogenic optical measurement solution developed.



Completely automated cool-down simplifies the experiment setup and frees the researcher to concentrate on their experiment



Unparalleled stability in both temperature and vibration enable new possibilities for scientists


The flexible design allows the scientist access to the software, mechanics and electronics for integrating their equipment


Montana Instruments specializes in precise and innovative optical measurement solutions for research and industry. Our flagship product, the Cryostation, is a highly stable closed cycle optical cryostat.

Closed cycle means no helium is consumed, so your operational costs are minimal. Our stability of 5nm peak to peak is unmatched in the industry. The automated control is standard - freeing you to do the research you know best.

NEW! - Cryostation Microscope - Variable Temperature High NA Imaging
This product adds a 100X objective and nano-positioners to the Cryostation for outstanding light collection and stable imaging.

Conferences & Exhibits

  • MRS, San Francisco, April 2014
  • DPG, Dresden, April 2014
  • Korean Physical Society, April 2014
  • International Conference on Superconductivity and Magnetism, Turkey, April 2014
  • Intermag, Dresden, May 2014
  • EMRS, Lille France, May 2014
  • Cryogenics and Superconductivity Society, Japan, May 2014
  • International Quantum Dots, Pisa Italy, May 2014
  • Conference on Superconductivity, Paestum Italy, May 2014
  • Euromar, Zurich, June 2014
  • Korean Magnetic Society, June 2014
  • UK Semiconductors, July 2014