Galaxy Software

Let it run your world

Centralize control of your Montana Instruments hardware with our industry-leading software.

Built to connect

All Montana Instruments hardware integrates into our Galaxy software architecture. Users can expand equipment setup with flexibility to change configurations with the flip of a toggle button, concentrating focus more on science and discovery than gear.

Fail-safe automation

All parts of our cryogenic system work in harmony, which is different from other systems built with multiple components from multiple companies. In addition, fail-safe automation provides a worry-free "you can't break this equipment" experience for users.

Enduring value

Galaxy software is designed to run without a power cycle for years. It provides centralized control of your experiment platform and will be a foundation of scientific discovery for the long haul.

Information at your fingertips

Onboard web server connects users to relevant documentation. From your preferred browser, access data, scripting documentation and examples, user manuals, and self-service documents.

The most intuitive software in the cryogenic universe

  • Power your scalable, personalized cryogenic ecosystem

    Controls all Montana Instruments equipment including Cryo-Optic, Magneto-Optic, Rook nanopositioner, turbo vacuum, and additional temperature channels.

  • Flatten the learning curve and accelerate time to results

    Modern REST API allows programmatic control of your instruments with onboard examples in Python, MATLAB, LabVIEW, and C# to get you automating your system and pulling data within 15 minutes.

  • Enjoy the best user experience in cryogenics

    High resolution touchscreen interface with one-button warmup or cooldown cycle activation, at-a-glance status recognition, and real-time interactive graphs for monitoring performance.

  • World-class customer support

    Secure remote support allows customer service engineers to easily access and analyze system data, troubleshoot issues, and diagnose root cause in real-time.

  • Remotely monitor, control, and analyze your system

    Control your system from anywhere through the remote display capability and web-based data dashboards that can be accessed via Galaxy's user interface from any web browser (Windows, MacOS, Linux).

  • Store every cooldown over the life of the system

    The onboard database stores every cooldown cycle, including the last cooldown at the factory, for easy performance comparison over time.

"We are pretty happy about the touch screen GUI. It makes the control much easier."

Dr. Songtao Chen, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Rice University