Enjoy seamless,
tried and true optical integration

Our Cryo-Optic® integrates a microscope objective into the sample space of Cryostation®.

The ultimate in ultra-stable, high-quality high NA imaging at low temps

  • Simple set-up

    Proprietary technology allows the objective to be held at room temperature within the sample space for highly stabilized position and focus control.

  • Automatic zeroing

    The temperature of the high magnification objective and the sample are actively controlled to better than 10 mK, eliminating the need to refocus after small temperature changes.

  • Included kit

    Time required to reach a stable measurement condition is drastically reduced by isolating the objective from both the cryostat and the laboratory environments.


  • Eliminates alignment and drift challenges – no more issues associated with using high performance optics in a cryogenic setup.
  • Vertical mounting scheme – designed for confocal microscopy, with side optical access to see sample, approximate focus distance.
  • Configurable for experiments – includes built-in XYZ nanopositioners or an Agile Temperature Sample Mount.
  • Vacuum compatible – Cryo-Optic add-on includes a special vacuum compatible version of a Zeiss Epiplan Objective

"(Your) developments in closed-cycle cryostat technology have had very significant impact on quantum optics research, making cryogenic experiments available to a much broader community."

Dr. Peter Lodahl, Niels Bohr Institute
University of Copenhagen