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Montana Instruments is the premier cryogenics company accelerating quantum discovery.
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Low temps, low vibes

Through strategic product development, industry-leading software, and exceptional customer support, Montana Instruments manufactures and delivers reliable cryogenic environments for commercial and research laboratories. Clients around the world count on us for stable, low temperatures and low vibrations to complete their novel experiments.

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Configurable, compatible

Since 2010, Montana Instruments has worked with hundreds of category pioneers to build configurable cryostats that are simple to set up and compatible with future system needs. We've produced 10 patents to-date for cryogenic technologies that free researchers to focus on science instead of just equipment.

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Tried and trusted by experts in 300+ laboratories

Montana Instruments' team specializes in safe and reliable experimental environments to serve clients, developing cryogenic equipment with their best interests in mind and at heart.

Over the years, we've built nearly 1,000 cryostats. For every one of them, we have a photo badge on our wall reminding us of the people and places who trust us as partners in their journeys.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Since our inception in 2009, we have pushed the envelope of quantum cryogenics while simplifying the science, accelerating discovery in quantum technologies.

Measurable results

We are the recognized premier builders of cryostats used by commercial system engineers and quantum researchers in universities and research centers around the world.


Our customers in industry and academia are making paradigm-changing quantum discoveries. We increase their speed of success.

Made in the U.S.A.

Headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, we are powered by American ingenuity, hard work, and the Spirit of the West.


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