Meet our flagship configurable workhorse cryostat

CryoAdvance™ takes the next step in advanced materials and quantum device characterization.

A foundational piece of gear for your laboratory

  • <3.2K - 350K

    Variable temperature control across the entire range.

  • Cryogen-free/closed-cycle

    Avoid expense, hassle, and supply challenges with LHe.

  • Push button cooling

    Simply input the target temperature and press COOLDOWN.

  • Turn-key equipment solution

    Minimal installation demands get users up and running faster.

  • External control

    Galaxy software utilizes intuitive, flexible touchscreen control.


    Automate temperature setpoints, stepping, and ramping.


  • Touchscreen user interface – displays real-time temperature status, temperature stability, and vacuum pressure readouts.
  • Optical + DC + RF - high optical access to the sample and ability to enable the most common techniques of sample interrogation.
  • Modular design – facilitates understanding of the product configuration and helps users arrive faster at a solution that fits their needs.
  • Vibration damping - configurable, low-vibration, variable temperature environment to accelerate time and achieve real results.

"Your Montana Instruments system has become a workhorse in our laboratory. We are quite pleased with it."

Shanthi Iyer
North Carolina A&T State University