Make magnetic
fields possible at cold temperatures

Our Magneto-Optic module integrates a magnetic field directly into the cryogenic sample chamber.

Apply magnetic fields at the touch of a button

  • Simple set-up

    Demanding Magneto-Optic applications are simple to setup, with unique designs to preserve full sample and optical access.

  • Automatic zeroing

    Automatic zero function removes any field stored in the iron poles by using an alternating decreasing field to degauss the poles and effectively eliminate the field when the magnet is off.

  • Fully integrated

    Systems include a hall probe calibration fixture, power supply, water cooling for the magnet, and our built-in Galaxy software.


  • Variable configuration of field strength –depending on configuration used, various pole spacing and pole tip options are available.
  • Top optical access port – can be configured with a recessed objective for low working distance applications.
  • Compatible accessories and add-ons – allows configuration for unique requirements, including optional built-in piezo stages for sample motion.
  • Adjustable radiation shield – accommodates setups, allowing users to expand or resize the sample space or make adjustments to allow for more optical access options.

"One thing I was not anticipating is how good the long-term position stability would be...This will definitely enable measurements that we could not even attempt before, which is really exciting!"

Dr. Martin Stevens, Staff Scientist
National Institute of Standards and Technology