The Rook™

A fully integrated 3-axis cryogenic nanopositioner

Introducing Montana Instruments' The Rook™.

The Rook™: Say hello to the new standard for cryogenic nanopositioners

  • 3-axis design for optimal sample temp and motion control

    Performance specified at the top of the 3-axis stack so users know what performance to expect at the sample.

  • Low vibrations

    Tightened stack to ensure stability that keeps sample in focus for high-sensitivity optical interrogation.

  • Robust and reliable design

    More equipment up-time as positioner won't break or malfunction with typical handling or operation.

  • Fully integrated plug-and-play control

    Full compatibility with all touchscreen-equipped Montana Instruments CryoAdvance™ and Cryostation® cryostats.

  • Galaxy software control, remote monitoring, and scripting

    Easy-to-use interface, remote connectivity, and ability to script motion and temperature control.

  • Best-in-class thermal links

    Equipped with Montana Instruments' thermal links for unmatched temperature stability and cooling power at sample.

The Rook™

  • CryoAdvance™ 50
  • Cryostation® s200
  • CryoAdvance™ 100
  • All Gen3 legacy systems

"The Rook is a game changer in cryogenic nanopositioner technology. We're excited to make it available in our configurable cryostats."

Mark Carroll, CEO
Montana Instruments