The Rook™

A fully integrated 3-axis cryogenic nanopositioner

Now available: Montana Instruments' The Rook™.

Say hello to the new standard for cryogenic nanopositioners

  • Optimized motion control

    Key performance attributes measured and specified at the top of the positioner to give users the most accurate representation of sample motion.

  • Freedom and flexibility

    Excellent multi-axis runout and bi-directional repeatability provides freedom to move as needed with high precision.

  • Enhanced equipment up-time

    Montana Instruments' robust and reliable positioner design stands up to typical handling and operation to keep your experiment up and running.

  • Fully integrated with Galaxy software control

    Our built-in Galaxy software provides an intuitive interface, remote control and monitoring, and the simplicity of a single scripting target for the entire cryogenic ecosystem.

  • Plug-and-play sensibilities

    Our system automatically adjusts motion parameters based on platform temperature so users don’t have to make voltage adjustments each time they change environment temperature.

  • Unmatched temperature stability

    Equipped with our best-in-class thermal links to maximize temperature stability and cooling power at the sample.

The Rook™

  • CryoAdvance™ 50
  • Cryostation® s200
  • CryoAdvance™ 100
  • Standard options

"Most impressive is the closed loop repeatability. With The Rook, you always know where you are, where you are going, and that you can make it back to your home position repeatably and safely."

Dr. Chris Anderson, Nanoscale and Quantum Photonics Lab
Stanford University