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Advanced diagnostics

For questions, diagnostics, or in-depth troubleshooting extending beyond the complimentary remote support time, an advanced diagnostics package is available. Advanced diagnostics include up to four additional hours of time with a dedicated service engineer to identify the root cause of the issue(s) and suggest a solution.

Advanced diagnostics do not guarantee the root cause of the issue will always be found or that a viable solution will always exist. If the issue requires further diagnostic efforts, replacement parts, or additional service labor, those items will be quoted separately.

Service engineers may recommend shipping the system or components to the Montana Instruments factory for diagnostics. This method allows engineers to run specialized tests and advanced troubleshooting more efficiently than coordinating these services remotely. Users are responsible for shipping costs in both directions in addition to the advanced diagnostic package cost.

Installations & training

A full system installation is billed at a standard flat fee. All installations also incur an onsite technician fee for each unique trip. Users must have all infrastructure in place prior to the installation; if proper infrastructure is not in place, additional service or trip fees may apply. An installation can be purchased with any system and may be required for some systems. Installations are completed onsite by an authorized service representative and include:

Components and hoses

System unpacking, component placement and mounting, and cable and hose connections.

Sample space

Sample space check and installation/testing of options (when applicable).


User and operational electrical connection continuity testing.


System operation check with cooldown cycle and base temperature verification.

End-user training

End-user training on options/configurations, user interface and basic operations, proper system care and maintenance, and basic troubleshooting procedures.

General service labor

Prior to work being performed, Montana Instruments will provide an estimate of time required to repair or service the component in question. The final invoice will be adjusted based upon the actual time incurred (billed at the standard general service labor rate). The invoice will be sent within one week after the service is completed. Any replacement hardware required for the repair will be itemized separately.

Work performed at the user’s facility will incur a 4-hour minimum service charge in addition to the onsite technician fee for each unique trip. All onsite services incur a flat trip fee in addition to the cost of that service. Multiple services may be completed within a single onsite visit for no additional trip cost.

20,000-hour maintenance

Most Montana Instruments systems require maintenance at approximately 20,000 hours, depending on usage conditions (see your system's respective User Manual for details and maintenance indicators), and must be completed by an authorized service representative. this maintenance can be performed onsite (incurs additional onsite technician fee), or the system can be sent back to the Montana Instruments factory (customer responsible for shipping charges). The following maintenance procedures are included:

Replace cryocooler displacer

Vent down and remove existing displacer, clean the remaining cryocooler cylinder and components, replace with refurbished displacer.

Refill helium levels

Pressurize and purge any contaminants out of the helium lines.

Replace compressor absorber

Remove and replace with new absorber component.

Software updates

Install any available software updates.

Sample chamber tuning

Check wiring, clean surfaces, and grease o-rings.

Cooldown verification

Run a cooldown cycle to verify performance.

Advanced operator training

Special advanced operator trainings can be coordinated on a case-by-case basis. These training programs are tailored to the specific needs of each customer and may cover subjects such as advanced operating procedures, system testing and optimization, specialized field-integration of options, and repair certifications.

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