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World-class company, world-class people

Montana Instruments is dedicated to building a team that understands the needs of the next generation of scientists worldwide with the skills to develop innovative product solutions to serve them. World-class engineers provide diverse and thorough expertise, while our dedicated and responsive customer service team remains committed to worldwide support.

Together, our team of experts serve as partners and consultants, providing intuitive, accessible, and easy-to-use cryogenic platforms that accelerate discovery in quantum innovation and research.

Work-life balance

At Montana Instruments, we believe in developing well-rounded employees by helping them maintain a healthy, rewarding, and sustaining work-life balance. This means taking time off to attend family events and vacations, to escape for an extended weekend in the mountains, to hit the slopes on a perfect powder day, or just taking a day to rest or recreate.

This also means planning to maximize productivity, which is why we have flexible core work hours and encourage midday activities to re-energize and re-focus such as a lunch run, or working out together, or enjoying one of several all-company barbecues throughout the year. We also serve together in a variety of community service projects.

Our values

In all that Montana Instruments accomplishes, we stay true to our values. We want to create an environment where champions are enabled in every area of the company. We want to hire people who have the desire and potential to do great things. We want to give people the freedom and responsibility to become champions as part of a professional team.


We believe in our ability to boldly enable the next generation of discoveries and scientific advancement. We have the responsibility to use our influence, our talents, and our resources to create opportunities for others. We believe every problem is solvable and our thinking must push beyond what is known or comfortable. We succeed and fail together. We understand this requires trust and demands courageous commitments from each of us. We stay current with each other by asking hard questions, seeking root causes and confronting the elephant in the room. We challenge each other with gentleness and respect.

Team first

We are humble learners with unique minds and servant hearts who will achieve greatness together. We embrace any opportunity to learn from one another, from customers, and from experiences. We encourage and leverage the brilliance of each individual through team-first discipline, support, and sacrifice. We are called to a high standard, evaluating our own motives to ensure they are not self-serving, but team and customer serving. We work hard and intelligently for great results. We do everything we say we'll do, and with urgency. Diversity of talent and thought makes us stronger.


We extinguish mediocrity with proactive thinking and a commitment to excellence. Complacency with the status quo is not acceptable. We must continue to be better, move faster, and overcome barriers in a dynamic landscape. We push the limits of our capabilities with a commitment to exceed the needs and expectations of our customers. We won't settle for anything less than a bold, world-changing future. Our impact can be substantial. If conditions justify, we are willing to reverse a decision, even if it is difficult. We see failure as necessary training for success.

Welcome home to Quantum Gulch

Montana Instruments is located in Bozeman, Montana, a vibrant town at the foot of the Bridger Mountains within an hour of three great ski hills, several world class fly-fishing rivers, and plenty of adventure (Yellowstone National Park is just 90 minutes south).

Bozeman is Montana’s biggest tech hub and home to quantum companies like Teledyne Flir and ADVR Incorporated, as well as Spectrum Lab and the Borys Lab at Montana State University.

Bozeman is one of the fastest-growing cities of its size in the nation and regularly recognized as one of America's "coolest" cities.

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