Cryostation® s200

Maximize your space and experimental flexibility

Cryostation® is our most versatile closed-cycle cryostat with 200mm of sample space for flexible configuration.

The cryostat that set the standard for high-end cryogenic systems

  • <3.6 - 350K

    Variable temperature control across the entire range.

  • Cryogen-free/closed-cycle

    Avoid expense, hassle, and supply challenges with LHe.

  • Low temps and vibes

    Low thermal fluctuations and nanometer level vibrations provide a stable measurement environment

  • Plug-and-play

    Get up and running quickly with our built-in Galaxy software.

  • External control

    Control from any device or computer on the same network.


    Automate temperature setpoints, stepping, and ramping.

Cryostation® s200

  • Touchscreen user interface – displays real-time temperature status, temperature stability, and vacuum pressure readouts.
  • Removal of housing cover and optical access from all sides – multiple radial ports and a top window allows access to the sample space.
  • Complete process automation– optimizes system parameters during cooldown, stabilization, warmup, and venting.
  • Cryostat and sample chamber mount directly to any optical table – 45° or parallel to hole pattern on Imperial or Metric table.

"It's a work of art!"

Dr. Dirk Englund, Laboratory for Quantum Photonics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology