Cryostation® s200


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Cryostation® s200

Setting a high standard of performance and usability in a closed-cycle optical cryostat, our Cryostation® s200 offers our largest sample chamber with patented vibration damping technologies to deliver exceptional thermal and vibrational performance without sacrificing ease-of-use.

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Our Cryostation was designed for both mechanical and thermal stability of the sample. This stability of the sample space is a unique performance differentiator among closed-cycle cryostats and enables many experiments which otherwise would not be possible.

Video Guides

Agile Temperature Sample Mount (ATSM)
Overview and demonstration of the Agile Temperature Sample Mount for a cryogenic platform. This sample mount allows rapid and precise sample temperature control from base to 350K.
Cryo-Optic®: High NA Imaging
Overview of the Cryo-Optic® technology on the Cryostation®. The Cryo-Optic® integrates a temperature-controlled, warm objective in vacuum into the cryogenic sample space for virtually drift-free high NA imaging at low temperatures. (Note: While this video features our vertical configuration, the Cryo-Optic® technology is also available in horizontal configurations for our larger platform sizes.)
Cryostation® Overview: User Interface
Cryostation® Galaxy Software User Interface | System Overview, Navigation, Control & Settings
Cryostation® UI | Interactive Temperature and Vacuum Graphs
Overview of the Cryostation® Galaxy software illustrating how to access and manipulate the real-time graphical data display.
Cryostation® UI | ATSM - Primary Operations
Typical use for the ATSM Primary Operations: Cooldown, Warmup, Vent and Pull Vacuum with the Agile Temperature Sample Mount module.
Optimizing Your Cryostation® System Performance
This video describes how to get the best performance out of your Cryostation® in terms of temperature and vibration by optimizing both internal and external environments.
Installing a 3-axis Nanopositioner Stack
This video demonstrates how to install a nanopositioner with thermal flex link assembly into the Cryostation® sample space.
Mounting a Thermometer in Your Cryostation®
Knowing the temperature of your sample in the cryostat is very important. To get good measurements, you must have a strong thermal connection to your sample area (ie. mounting) while minimizing the heat flow through the connecting wires to the sensor (ie. lagging). This video explains proper mounting and lagging techniques on several types of sample mounts.
Cryostation® Gen-3 User Interface | Primary Operations with the Turbopump
Cryostation® s-series Generation 3 User Interface | Primary Operations: Cooldown, Warmup, Vent & Pull Vacuum with the Turbopump Vacuum Package