Agile Temperature Sample Mount (ATSM)


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Agile Temperature Sample Mount (ATSM)

ATSM allows rapid and precise sample temperature control independent from platform temperature. Range is from base temperature to 350K. Compatible with manual adjustable positioner nanopositioners. Kit includes right-angle bracket for alternate sample orientation. ATSM is also available in a "flat boss" configuration.

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The Agile Temperature Sample Mount provides the solution for the highest level of positional stability for step-static and dynamic temperature changes from <4K to 350K while improving the speed to each set point. The ATSM is controlled via the standard Cryostation user interface for seamless integration with all system operations. The temperature control channel supports external scripting commands for prescribed temperature steps and temperature ramping.

Low Drift & Fast Settling Time

Designed as an integrated unit, the Agile Temperature Sample Mount combines multiple technologies into a single package. The unique position stabilizing support structure optimizes stage mechanical stiffness and rigidity while providing the thermal performance required for fast temperature changes. The structure reduces thermal contraction to below 30µm over the entire temperature range. This technology eliminates the need to re-focus after small temperature changes. Ultimately, users can be confident that an optimized focus will remain stable throughout a measurement.

Thermal Control

An integrated Cernox™ thermometer and heater provide reliable and responsive thermal control. The integrated high-speed temperature control channel provides rapid thermal response and time to stability. The sample mount allows users to get the most out of high numerical aperture and low working distance optical setups, such as when used with our Cryo-Optic platforms.

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