Optional Cryogenic Nanopositioner (XYZ axes)


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Optional Cryogenic Nanopositioner (XYZ axes)

Montana Instruments Cryostation platforms can incorporate precision nanopositioning stages for translating your sample. This module includes fully integrated 3-axis (XYZ) piezo-driven, slip-stick style nanopositioners, controller, and flexible thermal links that provide a thermal connection between the sample and cold platform, while still allowing for full range of motion. Allows for 5 mm sample translation in each axis. Standard option is a 3-axis stack only; available with open-loop and closed-loop options.

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Open- vs. Closed-Loop Stages

Open-loop stages do not have feedback, so they are usually used for experiments where you want to "find" an area of interest, perform your measurements there, then move on to the next site. Closed-loop stages allow the user to return to same position after moving away from it. In this mode, stages have less resolution(approximately 1-2 µm). Open-loop stages typically offer the most precise resolution. Systems with closed-loop stages can be easily switched to open-loop operation, but open-loop stages cannot be converted to closed-loop.

Flexible Thermal Link

Nanopositioning stages are weak thermal connectors, so a flexible thermal link is required to thermally connect the sample mount on the top of the stages to the cold platform. Montana Instruments offers a proprietary thermal link to keep the sample temperature within 0.2K of the platform temperature. These thermal links are custom designed for the stack height with the flexibility to allow stage movement across the full travel range.

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