The Rook™ Cryogenic Nanopositioner


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The Rook™ Cryogenic Nanopositioner
Montana Instruments Corporation announces the upcoming Spring 2022 release of our brand-new cryogenic nanopositioner, The Rook™. The Rook™ has the lowest 3-axis vibrations to keep samples in focus, is fully integrated on all Montana Instruments configurable cryostats, and comes with best-in-class thermal links. Performance for The Rook™ is specified at the top of the 3-axis stack, providing the user with clear expectations of what is happening at the sample in terms of temperature, vibrations, and bi-directional run-out. Specifically designed for use in our CryoAdvance™ workhorse cryostat, it can also be utilized in the Cryostation® s200, our largest and most versatile closed-cycle cryostat.
The Rook™ Brochure (Pre-Release 02)



Operational Temperature Range: 3.2 to 350K

Vacuum Pressure Range: 1E-7 Torr to Ambient

Maximum Physical Size (not including stage wiring connector):
24 mm (length)
24 mm  (Width
51 mm  (Height)

CE certified

Multi-stack support


Travel Range (XYZ) >5 x 5 x 5 mm

>200g @ 300K
>100g @ 4K

Vibrations on Top of Stack (P-P): < 50 nm

Drive Velocity: >0.5 mm/sec

Bi-Directional Run-Out: <8 μm

Open-Loop Mode Minimum Incremental Motion: <40 nm

Closed-Loop Mode Minimum Incremental Motion: <500 nm

Bi-Directional 3-D Point Repeatability (closed-loop only): <10 μm

Sensor Resolution (closed-loop only): <200 nm  


Drive Modes: open-loop mode or closed-loop mode

Programmatic Control: ability to write custom sequences

*Preliminary specs - guaranteed minimum performance of product; specifications and performance subject to change.

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