Using LabView with Montana Instruments Software

The Cryostation can optionally be externally controlled using LabVIEW®. A sample LabVIEW VI, MI, is provided as an example VI in the folder on the desktop labeled LabView Commands. MI allows basic control and querying of the Cryostation from a remote PC via an Ethernet connection.

The IP of both the Cryostation computer and the PC that will run the VI must be configured to be on the same subnet. When shipped the Cryostation computer is configured to:

IP address:

Subnet mask:

It is suggested that the control PC be set to 192.168.0.X where X is an integer between 1 and 255, excluding 3. Ask your system administrator for help configuring the system if needed.

Follow these steps to remotely control the Cryostation using LabView:

  1. From the Cryostation Software select the system tab.
  2. On the right half of the screen select the first tab labeled ‘Preferences.’
  3. Click the button ‘Enable External Control.’ The button changes to green and shows the text: ‘Waiting.’

  1. Open the LabView VI.

  1. Verify that the port on the VI matches the port number displayed in the Cryostation software.
  2. Verify that the IP address for the VI is the same as the IP address assigned to the Cryostation computer.
  3. Click Run form the VI. NOTE: If a connection error occurs, the VI will display a dialog box.
  4. The Cryostation software should now show the text ‘Connected.’
  5. In the VI, click the Set button and the Get button to set and get temperature values from the Cryostation.
  6. Click Stop to exit the VI.

The VI does not implement the full command set of the Cryostation. It is provided as an example of how to use a VI with the Montana Instruments software. The user can control most features of the Cryostation with the TCP/IP library and DLL commands. Manual Mode is not functional for external control, however most options are such as the Magnet and User Heater.

The Cryostation can also be controlled with other programming languages. The LabView Commands folder on the desktop also contains the DLL and TCP/IP library with the commands necessary for external programming of the Cryostation software.