Selecting a Research Platform

Selecting the proper closed-cycle cryostat for your needs should be straightforward. At Montana Instruments, we continuously work to provide solutions for your application and experimental requirements. 

Option A: Application Bundles

Select a pre-configured system designed specifically for the needs of popular experimental techniques. These configurations offer a reassurance of functionality and performance, with a proven combination of options and accessories.

Learn more about our application bundles.

Option B: Base Platform with Standard Options

Some users have unique experimental requirements that do not fit within the basic bundles. For these users, an array of standard options, add-ons, and accessories are available to customize the system. Montana Instruments will work with you to select the appropriate options for your needs, but you may follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Choose Your Base Platform
  2. Select Any Add-on Modules
  3. Choose Your Mechanical Options
  4. Choose Your Optical Access Options
  5. Decide on Interfacing Needs
  6. Select a Sample Mount or Stages
  7. Add Any Final Accessories

Option C: Base Platform with Custom Design Modifications

By serving researchers working on cutting-edge techniques, we understand standard options may be limiting for certain applications. In these cases, custom designed parts and modifications are required to create something nobody else has done before. A team of dedicated application specialists and custom design engineers are available to work with you to create a one-of-a-kind solution for your needs. 

Learn more about our custom design solutions.