Extended Sample Chamber

The standard Cryostation has the sample chamber center approximately 80mm from the cryocooler tube. An optional extended option provides an extended link between the cold stages and the sample platform to allow for better overhead access or the option to interface with larger equipment. The extended option is required with the use of the Magneto-Optic Option, but it can be valuable for other configurations as well. 

As shown in the drawing below, the sample chamber is moved out about 120mm (4.7”) from the standard position with respect to the cryostat body. The Extended Option allows larger optical equipment to interface to the two ports near the cryostat body. This option also provides better overhead access which is useful for certain configurations and components, such as a downward looking microscope. As designed, the Extended Option has only a very slight impact on the system base temperature and vibrations.

A comparison of the dimensions for the standard (left) vs. extended (right) is shown below.