Housing & Lids

The Cryostation design allows for flexible configurations of the sample space to accommodate various internal working volumes, beam heights, and optical access. There are several standard outer vacuum housing and lid options, with further customizations available. See our guide on Various Sample Mounting Configurations for Optical Access for an overview of illumination and light collection setup options.

window & sample chamber size

The standard housing includes 50mm side and top windows. These larger windows allow for a greater field of view of the sample under test. There is a 54 degree field of view from a centered sample with a 50mm window. The radiation shield in this case has 30mm inner cold windows. 

Options for various window & sample chamber sizes are shown in the table below. Please inquire for custom sizing requests. 

Cryostation Housing Options Lid Options
Option Standard Low Profile 45 Deg Rotated 100mm Tall 130mm Tall 50mm 30mm
# Optical Ports 4 4 3 4 0 1 1
Outer Warm Window Dia. 50mm 30mm 50mm 50mm n/a 50mm 30mm
Inner Cold Window Dia. 30mm 20mm 30mm 30mm n/a 30mm 20mm
Beam Height 90mm 75mm 90mm or 126mm 126mm n/a
Sample Space Height 63mm 38mm 63 or 100mm 100mm 130mm
Best For General optical access Lower base temp, minimal sample hardware Large equipment near window Additional use of cold hardware, positioners Extra cold space, no side optical access required


Platform Spacer Option

An optional platform spacer can be used to raise the height of the platform an additional 25mm. The Interface Extension Housing Option uses a 25mm spacer with four user specified side panels to add additional signal interfaces above the base plate.

45 Degree Rotated Housing Option

There are four side windows and one top window on the standard Cryostation housing. The Cryostation is normally positioned so the cryostat body is at a 45 degree angle to the table grid, so the windows are aligned to that grid. The side ports near the body have good optical access, but may not allow large equipment to be placed near the window. The arrows in the figure below show the general access to the ports.

In order to allow large equipment to access opposing ports, a 45 degree rotated housing is available. This assembly includes three side windows which are rotated 45 degrees in respect to the platform. This allows the user to rotate the entire cryostat body to align the ports to the table grid. This takes up less table space and allows large optics near the chamber ports.

Mounting Options

The Cryostation 50 and 100 (Fusion) class platforms are designed to mount at 45 degrees or parallel to the hole pattern in an optical table with either Inch or Metric hole spacing. This is true for both the Extended and Non-Extended versions. The 200-class (Nanoscale) is designed so the cryostat structure mounts at 45 degrees to the table hole grid. The 200-class must be specified as Inch (Imperial) or Metric to match the optical table hole spacing.

200-class (Nanoscale) platform mounted at 45 degrees to the optical table grid

Castle Options

The Cryostation design is engineered for stability and temperature through its base, and therefore allows a wide variety of housings above that. Several castle options exist for raising the sample location and providing close access to the sample. See Castle Options for more details.

Optical Options

There are several options available to further configure the optical ports, including selecting the window substrates or adding low working distance capabilities. See Optical Options for more details.