Sample Mounting

A family of sample mounts have been specially designed for various applications and configurations. A wide range of both standard and custom mounting options are available. Our engineers will work with users to determine the appropriate mount for the application and setup.

The key issues to consider with your sample are:

  • Thermal transfer
  • Vibration
  • Bonding of the sample to the mount
  • Window proximity
  • Focusing
  • Moving the sample, if necessary

Users should select a sample mount in one of the following three categories:


This is the standard sample mount for the Cryostation. It provides an easily configurable way to position samples at various distances and angles with respect to the side and top optical ports. Mounted to the cold platform, this mount is easily accessed once the lid, window assembly, and radiation shields are removed. It includes the thermally damped post with standard interface bolt pattern that can be mounted vertically or horizontally to position the sample near any of the windows.

The figure below shows several configurations of the internal sample mount for various applications. The sample would be mounted to the square end post.

The mount can also be configured with an optional cover plate for transmission experiments.

The sample mount base may be positioned at 45 degree steps with respect to the windows. The post in the sample mount has a flat end plate with four holes which can be used to attach the sample. The figure below shows the post end. The small hole on the side of the endplate is for attaching the sample thermometer.

The image below shows an example configuration with a Low Working Distance window. 


This family of mounts are sized specifically to work with castles, magnets, or other special configurations. These mounts are for users who will not be using the standard general purpose mount. These mounts are not thermally damped, so the temperature stability may be slightly higher than the specification of the base platform. 

Once the order is received, the Montana Instruments engineers will pick the most appropriate mount to match your options, the window beam height, and your intended optical access. There may be a separate part number to further specify the actual mount chosen.


This category refers to families of electrical, piezo based, adjustable, and special purpose mounts. In this case, the user specifies a custom or advanced sample mount at additional charge. Some of these mounts are pre-designed options for special purposes, although full customization is also available. 

Please inquire for custom sample mount design requests. 

Agile Temperature Sample Mount

The Agile Temperature Sample Mount (ATSM) provides the solution for the highest level of positional stability for step-static and dynamic temperature changes from less than 4K to 350K while improving the speed to each set point. The unique position stabilizing support structure optimizes stage mechanical stiffness and rigidity while providing the thermal performance required for fast temperature changes. See Agile Temperature Sample Mount for more details. 

Electrical Sample Mounts

Various types of special sample mounts are available which provide electrical and thermal connections to the sample. See Electrical Sample Mount Options for more details.

Piezo Based Mounting

Montana Instruments supports piezo based translation of the sample. A series of flex link sample mounts have been designed to provide a thermal connection between the sample and cold platform while still allowing for full stage motion. See Piezo Positioning Options for more details.

Adjustable Mount

The 4100-1162 is an adjustable height sample mount. The overall height is adjustable from 30.73mm to 43.20mm. The post is 11.1mm square in cross section, has our standard sample mount bolt pattern on top, and mounts to an Attocube 101 stack on the bottom. The top piece can be switched to a horizontal position to mount the sample off to the side and allow horizontal adjustment. The position of the upper section is held in place by a screw. The holes in the side of the top piece are for mounting a thermometer.


Montana Instruments has a growing collection of sample mounts that we have designed for various applications. The attached Types-of-Sample-Mounts-Mounting-Patterns-Table.pdf includes a list of available sample mounts along with various mounting patterns. The table shows the mount type and image, some information about the interface type, and the overall height.

This is intended to simply show the variety of styles available, not to have the user choose the exact size or interface pattern involved. If the user is designing a custom interface, please contact Montana Instruments for help on product use. Drawings of these parts are available for end users.