What We Believe

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    Passion & Innovation

    Our customers not only inform us; they inspire us. We believe in constantly pushing the envelope of what is possible, so we can help scientists change the way we understand our world. Check out our research highlights!

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    Value-Added Relationships

    Our worldwide network of support and service is focused on responding to the needs and desires of the research community. Want to learn more about how we can meet your research needs? Contact us today!

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    Empathetic Expertise

    Our team of advanced Cryogenic & Software Engineers includes PhD Physicists and others who've experienced the work first hand and truly care about enabling results. Join our team!

About Montana Instruments

Montana Instruments® makes researchers more effective by creating better high-precision optical measurement solutions for research, industry, and education.

We are passionate about enabling low temperature research worldwide. As a nimble and responsive company, our focus is on continuous improvement and end-user functionality. We believe in the significant work of these researchers, which is why we continuously work to offer innovative solutions that facilitate results.

We reinvented the cryostat from the ground up, because we needed a solution that would perform at the higher level required for certain experiments. Our passion is rooted in improving the experience of the researcher, and this new approach finally made it possible to work on sensitive applications and focus on results. We experienced the challenges of low temperature research first hand, which is why our solution is designed to set on any optical table and just work, saving the researcher valuable time and energy.

Starting with the Cryostation®, Montana Instruments has defined itself by a passion for innovation, an eagerness to respond to researchers' needs, and a commitment to worldwide support and service. New product innovations are a reflection of this focus on the research community, as we find ourselves pushing to make cold science even simpler.

Who We Serve

  • Your Montana Instruments [Cryostation] has become a work horse in our laboratory. We are quite pleased with it.

    Shanthi Iyer, North Carolina A&T State University
  • What I like most about the Cryostation is the convenience, you basically can open the lid, get right into your working space, change things, add optics, and then push a button and 2 hours later be down to [base temperature]...it's unpredictable when I may be available or my students may be available, and we can basically start up the system in 2 hours, run our experiment for however long we want, and then shut the system down... so it's very convenient if you don't have a set schedule, unlike an open cycle system where you better plan on running the entire day or it's a waste.

    Randall Babbitt, Montana State University

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