Giving Back

At Montana Instruments, we consider ourselves a creator of opportunity, building a growth industry which creates innovative products and great jobs. We've been given a great opportunity to make a real difference, and we feel a responsibility and passion to give back to both our local community as well as the worldwide research community. Our goal is to help others create better lives and futures for themselves. Below are just a few of the ways Montana Instruments gives back.

Cold Science Exploration Awards

This program was created to recognize individuals who demonstrate significant potential with their low temperature research applications. Currently, the program has a Student Travel Grant to help with expenses for presenting at conferences as well as a Lab Startup Grant to help new professors purchase important equipment. Learn more here.

High Tech Apprenticeship Program

Each summer, Montana Instruments selects 2-3 high school and college-aged students to join the Engineering and Product Development teams. The program creates a valuable and challenging learning experience by giving the students 1-2 projects to see to completion by the end of the apprenticeship. The students are evaluated and coached with one-on-one mentorship, technical design reviews, and other learning experiences. The goal of the program is to help develop young people in Montana to be effective in a technical career by giving them a chance to work through problems and create solutions in a real-world environment.

Charitable donations & Community Service

Everyone in the company gives back both time and money to a number of different local charities. We are always looking for creative ways to encourage giving within the company, such as an "MI Box" that allows employees to share exciting news or personal stories at our weekly meetings for a small donation, or a weekly summer BBQ which encourages employees to donate a few dollars for a fun Friday lunch. Every couple of months, these donations are matched by the company and employees get to vote on which charity will recieve the donation. We've given back to a range of causes, from Bozeman's Eagle Mount to the American Diabetes Association.

HTA 14 MI Shootout Huffing for Stuffing 14
Graduates of the 2014 High Tech Apprenticeship program with their mentors and other sponsors. Competing in the "MI vs. BP Shootout" to raise money for two local charities. Running in the annual Huffing for Stuffing race to raise money for the Gallatin Valley Food Bank.

We are always looking for new and unique ways to give back. In particular, we are interested in partnering with our customers and others in the research community on their projects. If you'd like to discuss your idea with us, let us know by filling out a contact us form or calling +1.406.551.2796.