The MAGNETO-OPTIC modules integrate a magnetic field directly into the cryogenic sample chamber. These add-on modules provide the same stability, automation, and control found in all Montana Instruments closed-cycle cryostats.

Compatible accessories and add-ons allow users to configure the instrument for unique experimental requirements, including optional built-in piezo stages for sample motion.

Performance Benefits

  • Demanding magneto-optic applications are simple to setup, with unique designs to preserve full sample and optical access. 
  • Automatic zero function removes any field stored in the iron poles by using an alternating decreasing field to degauss the poles and effectively eliminate the field with no current present. 
  • Systems include a Hall Probe calibration fixture, power supply, and water cooling for the magnet. 


The Magneto-Optic module is currently only available for the 50-class chambers. For larger chambers or higher magnetic fields, external magnets can be seamlessly integrated through the use of modified housing and castle designs. Learn more.

50-Class: 0.7 Tesla Bipolar Magnet

A bipolar magnet is integrated directly into the cryogenic sample chamber with fields up to 0.7 Tesla. The unit inserts magnet poles into two of the four standard optical ports, with bores through the magnet cores to allow laser illumination of the sample. The top optical access port can be configured with a recessed objective for low working distance applications.

The field strength depends on the configuration used, with various pole spacing and pole tip options available. An adjustable radiation shield accommodates unique experimental setups, allowing users to expand or resize the sample space or make adjustments to allow for more optical access options. 

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