Contact Technical Support


At Montana Instruments, we want you to succeed in your low temperature research experience. If you have technical questions or think the system is malfunctioning, please let us know as soon as possible. Your options are:

1. Enter your question or topic in the top right searchbar or browse our system resources for help articles and other useful documentation.

2. Call us at +1.406.551.2796 or toll free at +1.877.333.0959.

3. Email us at Please include whatever technical information you can about the issue.

4. Your system is equipped with Team View, a software that allows us to log on and diagnose the system remotely. You will need to run Team Viewer, which is pinned to the taskbar of the laptop, then email us the login ID and temporary password so we can access your system remotely. 


On your system, under the System > Preferences, find the button at the bottom that says "Open Saved Data Folder". Send us the most recent files from this named MI_DiagnosticsDataLog mm_dd_yyyy.csv

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