MO-14 DC Mount


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MO-14 DC Mount

The MO 14 circuit board is designed for positioning samples with electrical connections within the magnetic field of the Magneto-Optical system. The circuit board offers 14 pads for wire bonding and a 1mm pitch connector at the bottom to cable the board to the measurement devices outside the cryostat. The board has space for a 3mm sample, which works well with the pole tip spacing of 12mm for a 0.7 Tesla field.

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The sample pad ensures a cold sample with multiple configurations available, allowing the user to position samples parallel or normal to the lateral magnetic field. Once the same is mounted and electrically connected, the sample pad may be permanently fastened to the electrical contact board. Multiple assemblies may be used for multiple samples.

This module includes PCB with 14x DC wire bond pads, vertical mounting flange, and wire harness with quick-connect clamp for exchange boss. PCB is reusable and replaceable with our PCB-only purchase option.

Additional configuration options are available: vertical mounting with transmission hole in PCB; horizontal mounting bracket.

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