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Window Substrate Kits

Window kits provide alternative material options for the Cryostation radiation shield and vacuum housing windows. Kits are structured to replace all windows in either the 50mm vacuum housing ports or the 30mm radiation shield parts.

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Unless otherwise noted, 30mm diameter windows are 3.0 mm thick and 50mm diameter windows are 4.0mm thick.

Windows can be purchased in three different kits:

Radiation only

Vacuum only

Full Window set (contains both Radiation and Vacuum sets)

Radiation shield window kit contains: 5x30mm windows; 2x spare radiation shield window collar.

Vacuum housing window kit contains: 5x50mm windows; 2x housing window O-Rings

Available window substrates:

- Fused Silica

- VIS-NIR coated or uncoated

- BK-7- uncoated

-Calcium Flouride - uncoated

- Sapphire (30mm dia. x 1.0mm; 50mm dia. x 2.0mm thickness)

- Zinc Selenide - 3-12um IR coated

- TPX (30mm dia. x 2.0mm; 50mm dia. x 3.5 mm thickness)

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