The CRYO-OPTIC® products integrate an optical objective into the sample space of the CRYOSTATION for high NA imaging at low temperatures. The revolutionary design of the CRYO-OPTIC eliminates the alignment and drift challenges associated with using high performance optics in a cryogenic setup.

Compatible accessories and add-ons allow users to configure the instrument for unique experimental requirements, including built-in XYZ nanopositioners for site location and focus or an Agile Temperature Sample Mount for rapid temperature control. A backup power supply can be provided to ensure optimal performance and safety. 

Performance Benefits

  • Proprietary technology allows the objective to be held at room temperature within the sample space for highly stabilized position and focus control.
  • The temperature of the high magnification objective and the sample are actively controlled to better than 10 mK, eliminating the need to refocus after small temperature changes.
  • Time required to reach a stable measurement condition is drastically reduced by isolating the objective from both the cryostat and the laboratory environments.


Depending on the chamber class, the objective is either mounted vertically or horizontally within the sample space.

50-Class: Vertical

The vertical mounting scheme in the 50-class models was designed for confocal microscopy, with side optical access to allow the user to see the sample and approximate focus distance.

100-Class: Horizontal

The horizontal mounting scheme in the 100-class models provides seamless integration with other optical measurement systems while maintaining easy access to the sample. A unique radiation shield design allows for quick, unobstructed sample exchange while leaving the objective in place and aligned to the optical system.

200-Class: Horizontal (custom)

The add-on is available as a customization on 200-class models. The objective is mounted horizontally, with ample room remaining on the cold breadboard for free space optics, enabling transmission experiments and piezo interface control.

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