CRYOSTATION® - Optical Cryostats

The CRYOSTATION® line has evolved from the original Montana Instruments system, which set new standards of performance and usability in a closed-cycle optical cryostat. Today, the CRYOSTATION® is available in a variety of configurations with additional options and add-ons to fit the unique needs of each researcher and experiment.


  • Low thermal fluctuations and nanometer level vibrations provide a stable measurement environment
  • Wide temperature ranges with fast cooldowns make the instrument more productive
  • Closed-cycle operation means no helium is consumed, so users avoid the high costs, uncertain supply, and challenging operation associated with liquid cryogens


  • Straightforward user interface and fully-automated control system increases experimental efficiency
  • Incredible sample, electrical, and optical access provides total experiment flexibility
  • Fully-integrated, turn-key design gets you up and running quickly with minimal effort
  • Tabletop design integrates into existing setups and can be moved easily 



3.2K base, 10mK ptp stability, 5nm ptp vibrations, ø53mm: Well-suited for a variety of experimental setups requiring the lowest possible temperatures, vibrations, and cooldown times.

Add-On Options

Cryo-Optic (CO): Integration of a room temperature Cryo-Optic high NA objective (vertically mounted) into the sample space.
Magneto-Optic (MO): Integration of a 0.7T bipolar magnet with 5 optical access ports. 

(Fusion) 3.2K base, 10mK ptp stability, 10nm ptp vibrations, ø95mm: Volume optimized to provide room for additional equipment with integrated pre-lagged wiring.

Add-On Options

Cryo-Optic (CO): Integration of a room temperature Cryo-Optic high NA objective (horizontally mounted) into the sample space.

(Nanoscale Workstation) 4.3K base, 20mK ptp stability, 15nm ptp vibrations, ø195mm: Offers a large flexible sample space with the ability to integrate components directly onto the cold breadboard platform.

Add-On Options

Cryo-Optic (CO): Custom integration of a room temperature Cryo-Optic high NA objective (horizontally mounted) into the sample space.

Series Architecture Letter Sample Chamber Class # Add-On Modules (abbr.)
System design & mounting schemes, cooling technology, performance & feature levels Size & features inside the sample chamber and on the cold platform Integrated modules which add additional capabilities for specific applications
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Key FeaturesKey Benefits
CryostatUltra-stable closed-cycle optical cryostat
  • Cryogen-free systems do not consume liquid helium
  • Hassle-free operation with minimal operating costs
Sample SpaceTabletop mounting architecture
  • Flexible and modular design mounts directly to any optical table
  • Mount at 45 degrees or parallel to hole pattern on Inch or Metric table
  • Easily move the system without being tied to the table or an external support structure
Thermal StabilityRock solid temperature stability
  • Proprietary thermal damping technologies ensure stability
  • Remain in focus at each temperature setpoint
Mechanical StabilityVibrations are no longer a concern
  • Patented architecture rigidly supports the sample while isolating it from cryocooler vibrations
  • Work on sensitive applications and achieve high-resolution measurements
Sample DriftCTE-cancelling sample platform
  • Optimized at center of platform
  • Observe low drift over the full temperature range
User InterfaceControl via Windows based software on mini-laptop computer
  • Displays real time temperature stability
  • Logs cool downs
  • Built in diagnostics
  • Simply press a button for fully automated cool down, warmup, temperature control, and more
Remote InterfaceTCP/IP and LabVIEW
  • Automation scripting
  • External control
  • Conveniently control from your office or cellphone
  • Solve issues quickly with remote customer service
Control UnitPowerful built-in electronics
  • Complete process automation and system monitoring
  • Self-activated dry nitrogen clean gas purge when warming up
  • Save time and complexity while protecting the system and sample
CompressorVariable Flow Helium compressor
  • Single-phase 50/60 Hz, 200-240VAC, air cooled compressor, 1-3 kW
  • No need for water cooling infrastructure
  • Quiet and easy to work next to all day (60-65dB)
Sample MountingSample in vacuum
  • Microscopy/Spectroscopy sample mount included
  • Easily integrate with your unique experimental needs with options to customize
Optical SubstratesFused silica AR coated 400-1000nm
  • User replaceable with other substrates
  • Easily swap out windows to fit the needs of each unique experiment
CE Compliant
Note: Product specifications are based on a standard system; various options, configurations, and/or custom modifications may cause slight differences. Specifications and other information subject to change without notice.