Jump-start your quantum materials research

Get our fully-configured CryoCore® closed-cycle optical cryostat at a price to fit your budget.

Multi-task while your sample gets cold

  • <4.9 - 100K
    Variable temperature control across the entire range.
  • Cryogen-free/closed cycle
    Avoid expense, hassle, and supply challenges with LHe.
  • Push button cooling
    Simply input the target temperature and press COOLDOWN.
  • Plug-and-play
    Get up and running quickly with our built-in Galaxy software.
  • External control
    Control from any device or computer on the same network.
    Automate system operations via Python, MATLAB, LabView, or C#.


  • Touchscreen user interface – displays real-time system status with temperature and temperature stability.
  • Optical + DC + RF – direct side and overhead optical access, 12 DC lines, and 2 RF lines (electrical mount included).
  • Integrated vacuum system – all vacuum pumps, valves, pressure sensors fully-integrated and optimized for a clean sample environment.
  • Vibration damping - isolates cryocooler vibrations without need for external support structures or complex exchange-gas cooling architectures.

"I’m happy to report that my lab received and set up the CryoCore yesterday! I was very happy that the sample space got to 5K in about 3 hours, it’s quiet, and the installation could not have been easier.”

Dr. Hugh Churchill, Department of Physics
University of Arkansas