Cryo-Optic Module - 50mm platform


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Cryo-Optic Module - 50mm platform

CryoOptic Upgrade Kit includes vacuum housing, radiation shield, objective heater ring and vacuum-compatible Zeiss objective.
Objective options are: 0.90 NA / 100x with 1.0 mm WD & 0.75 NA / x100 with 1.0 mm WD

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Temperature Range (measured at platform): 3.7K-350K

Sample Temperature Stability (P-P; measured on damped sample mount at base temperature): <10 mK

Vibrational Stability (Platform; peak to peak): <5 nm

Cool Down Time to 4.2K (typical performance): ~3-5 hours

Cooling Power @ 4.2K: 100 mW

Optical Properties

Optical Access: 5 optical ports (4 radial and 1 overhead)


Electrical Access: 20 user connections

Interface Side Panels: 2


Sample Space: ∅53 mm x 63 mm

Beam Height (from table surface): 89.9 mm


Sample Mounting: Optional ATSM

Sample Motion: Integrated XYZ nanopositioners

Performance Data

Example Measurements

White Light Imaging

A 3D calibration grid was imaged to demonstrate the system resolution. Fig. 1 shows the actual calibration target. Fig. 2 was imaged by our system (Cryostation s50 - CO), with 14 pixels across the 1.2µm feature, or an effective pixel size less than 0.1µm.

white light

Confocal Imaging

This experiment demonstrates drift free high numerical aperture confocal microscopy of single molecules at 3.5K in a closed-cycle cryostat. The samples are nitrogen vacancy (NV) centers in diamond that are known to be relatively dark single photon sources, which can be imaged only with well corrected microscope objectives with the highest numerical apertures. Fig. 4 shows a 20µm x 20µm view of a Nitrogen Vacancy center. Fig. 5 shows a single dot with a 2µm x 2µm field of view.

NV center


The Cryo-Optic add-on includes a special vacuum compatible version of a Zeiss Epiplan Objective. Not all objectives are compatible with every model or configuration.

Zeiss LD EC Epiplan-Neofluar 100x/0.75 DIC M27

The Zeiss LD EC Epiplan-NeoFluar objectives are classified as the best universal objectives, with best field flattening, and very good correction, with the addition of extra long working distance.

Full specifications and transmittance curve on the Zeiss website.

Zeiss EC Epiplan-Neofluar 100x/0.90 BD DIC M27

The Zeiss EC Epiplan-NeoFluar objectives are classified as the best universal objectives, with best field flattening, and very good correction. It is optimized for high contrast with higher NA and resolving power than the standard Epiplan series.

Full specifications and transmittance curve on the Zeiss website.

Video Guides

Cryo-Optic®: High NA Imaging
Overview of the Cryo-Optic® technology on the Cryostation®. The Cryo-Optic® integrates a temperature-controlled, warm objective in vacuum into the cryogenic sample space for virtually drift-free high NA imaging at low temperatures. (Note: While this video features our vertical configuration, the Cryo-Optic® technology is also available in horizontal configurations for our larger platform sizes.)
Assembling the Vertical Cryo-Optic®
This video shows how to assemble the Montana Instruments Cryo-Optic® within the 50 mm sample space.
Alignment, Imaging, and Use of the Cryo-Optic®
This video explains how to align an objective inside the Cryo-Optic®, how to image your sample, and how to use the Cryo-Optic® software interface and secondary back-up heater.
Cryostation® Magneto-Optic Module: Low Temperature Magnetic Field Control
Overview of the Magneto-Optic for the Cryostation®. The Magneto-Optic module adds up to a 0.7T magnetic field to the cryogenic sample space while maintaining side and top optical access.