Cryo-Optic Module - 100mm platform


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Cryo-Optic Module - 100mm platform

CryoOptic Upgrade Kit includes vacuum housing, radiation shield, objective heater ring and vacuum-compatible Zeiss objective.
Objective options are: 0.90 NA / 100x with 1.0 mm WD & 0.75 NA / x100 with 1.0 mm WD

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Temperature Range (measured at platform): 3.7K-350K

Sample Temperature Stability (P-P; measured on damped sample mount at base temperature): <15 mK

Vibrational Stability (Platform; peak to peak): <15 nm

Cool Down Time to 4.2K (typical performance): ~3-5 hours

Cooling Power @ 4.2K: 90 mW

Optical Properties

Optical Access: 5 optical ports (4 radial and 1 overhead)


Electrical Access: 25 user connections

Interface Side Panels: 6


Sample Space: ∅100 mm x 122 mm

Beam Height (from table surface): 140 mm


Sample Mounting: Optional ATSM

Sample Motion: Integrated XYZ nanopositioners

Video Guides

Alignment, Imaging, and Use of the Cryo-Optic®
This video explains how to align an objective inside the Cryo-Optic®, how to image your sample, and how to use the Cryo-Optic® software interface and secondary back-up heater.
Assembling the Vertical Cryo-Optic®
This video shows how to assemble the Montana Instruments Cryo-Optic® within the 50 mm sample space.
Cryo-Optic®: High NA Imaging
Overview of the Cryo-Optic® technology on the Cryostation®. The Cryo-Optic® integrates a temperature-controlled, warm objective in vacuum into the cryogenic sample space for virtually drift-free high NA imaging at low temperatures. (Note: While this video features our vertical configuration, the Cryo-Optic® technology is also available in horizontal configurations for our larger platform sizes.)